» » Various - Maytag Anniversary Album: 75 Years Of Making Washing Machines

Various - Maytag Anniversary Album: 75 Years Of Making Washing Machines album mp3

Various - Maytag Anniversary Album: 75 Years Of Making Washing Machines album mp3

Performer: Various
Title: Maytag Anniversary Album: 75 Years Of Making Washing Machines
Released: 1982
Style: Promotional, Speech, Spoken Word
Category: Audiofiles / Pop
Album rating: 4.5
Votes: 125
Size MP3: 1465 mb
Size FLAC: 1139 mb
Size WMA: 1606 mb


Hit Songs Of 1907
A1 Edison Military Band The Whistler & His Dog
A2 Billy Murray When "Tommy Atkins" Marries "Dolly Gray"
A3 Irving Gillette June Moon
A4 Arthur Collins I Get Dizzy When I Do That Two Step Dance
A5 Vernon Archibald Down By The Old Mill Stream
A6 Edison Military Band Yankee Patrol
A7 Edison Symphony Orchestra Love's Confession
A8 Enrico Caruso L' Elisir D'Amore
A9 Ada Jones I'm Looking For A Nice Young Fellow Who Is Looking For A Nice Young Girl
A10 Edward Meeker O'Brien Has No Place To Go
A11 Edward Meeker & Billy Murray In The Good Old Summertime
A12 Joseph A. Phillips Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
A13 John Philip Sousa Stars And Stripes Forever
Historical Voices 1907-1982
B1 Theodore Roosevelt* Greetings To The American Boy Speech
B2 William Howard Taft The Will Of The People Speech
B3 Woodrow Wilson Tariff Question
B4 Warren Harding* High Wages
B5 Dr. Howard Carter Dr. Howard Carter, Egyptologist, Remarking On Discovery Of King Tut's Tomb
B6 Calvin Coolidge President Calvin Coolidge Welcomes Home Charles Lindberg, After Solo Flight Across The Atlantic
B7 Herbert Hoover President Herbert Hoover Reflects On WW I
B8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt* Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
B9 Herb Morrison* Crash Of Hindberg, Eyewitness Report
B10 Adolf Hitler Adolph Hitler's Propaganda Speech With Running Commentary In English
B11 Franklin D. Roosevelt President Roosevelt's "Fireside Chat" After Germany's Invasion Of Poland
B12 Adolf Hitler Hitler's Reannexation Of Daniz, Poland
B13 Winston Churchill Winston Churchill's Shortwave Radio Address Regarding The French
B14 Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini Declares War On Great Britain And France
B15 Franklin D. Roosevelt Radio Announcement Of Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor / President Roosevelt's Addresses Congress Asking For Declaration Of War On Japan
B16 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill FDR And Churchill Meet In Casablanca
B17 Unknown Artist Marine Corps News Report Of Bougaineville Landing In The South Pacific
B18 Dwight David Eisenhower Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's Announcement Of The Allied Landing At Normandy
B19 Unknown Artist Eyewitness Account Of D-Day Invasion
B20 Unknown Artist U.S. 9th Army Crosses The Rhine
B21 Unknown Artist Announcement Of FDR's Death
B22 Harry S. Truman Radio Broadcast Of Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima
B23 Unknown Artist Japan Surrenders
B24 Unknown Artist Formal Surrender Of Japan Aboard The USS Missouri
B25 General Douglas MacArthur Gen. Douglas MacArthur Before Congress After Being Relieved Of His Command
B26 Joseph R. McCarthy Sen. Joseph McCarthy During Hearings Of A Loyalty Board Member
B27 Dwight David Eisenhower I Shall Go To Korea
B28 John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address
B29 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream
B30 Unknown Artist JFK Is Assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson Becomes President
B31 Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong Is First Man On The Moon
B32 Richard Nixon President Richard M. Nixon Resigns, Farewell Address Reflects His Last Night In The White House
B33 Gerald R. Ford Gerald R. Ford Is Sworn In As President
B34 Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter Is Sworn In As President
B35 Ronald Reagan Inaugural Address
B36 Unknown Artist First Flight Of The Space Transportation System


  • Producer – George Garabedian

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